Jewellery Care

General directions

Gold plated silver jewellery
Jewellery that is gold plated consists of a 24ct gold plate over 925 sterling silver. Gold-plating will in time become worn and the silver will start to shine through. How long this takes depends on the amount of wear a piece is exposed to. The jewellery can easily be replated and I am happy to provide this service on any piece purchased but the cost of gold-plating and postal charges will be payable by the customer.
To care for your gold plated jewellery store it separately from your other jewellery to avoid it rubbing against other items.

Oxidised silver items
Some of my jewellery is oxidised giving it a black finish. Oxidisation is a  chemical treatment of silver that changes the surface colour. It is a very superficial treatment but with wear it will lend the piece a stronger surface character. Store your oxidised jewellery separately from your other jewellery to avoid it rubbing against hard surfaces. If you would like a piece of jewellery to be re-oxidised I will do so free of charge, however postal charges will be payable. Most jewellers can also provide this service at a small charge.

Cleaning your jewellery
To clean silver, gold or gold-plated jewellery use a soft jewellery polishing cloth that is suitable for each specific alloy.

Oxidised silver requires virtually no cleaning. Instead of using a cleaning cloth use a soft brush in soapy water. Avoid hard brushes or any abrasives as they will scratch the surface and remove the patina. Do not immerse oxidised areas in any chemicals such as jewellery cleaning solutions as this will remove the oxidisation.

Stones in settings will also benefit from a “bath” on a regular basis. Wash your jewellery in warm water with detergent and a toothbrush. If the piece is very grimy take it by a jeweler and have it ultrasoundcleaned.