Lines of Latitude & Longitud

In our project “Lines of Latitude and Longitude” we explore the mutual aesthetic language by looking at all expressions of crafts and highlighting the shared narratives rooted in materials and aesthetics. Materials, objects and crafts carry within them narratives that refer to nature, social conditions, traditions, cultural institutions, etc. The history of the Nordic countries intersects with each other – politically, culturally and aesthetically as well as in our craft traditions. We collect impressions by traveling. As a group, we have been around the Nordic region, looking for insights into Nordic Crafts traditions. These many impressions have been translated into personal interpretations in the form of jewelry that we exhibition together. 

By Pernille Mouritzen (DK), Mette Saabye (DK), Helena Lehtinen (FI) and Sofia Björkman SE)
A very heartfelt thanks to all the generous people who have made our experiences and traveling so meaningful.

Thanks to
Nordic Culture Foundation/HANDMADE
Statens værksteder for kunst
Statens Kunstfond