The Biennale Award Committee: “We have decided to give the Award to “Wheat and Chaff”. For in a time when the focus is on the individual, we meet here a collective process where nature becomes a fourth partner. In an aesthetic precise and conceptually strong design, we are invited to an open and curious exploration. It is a work that is not easily captured but there are many well-crafted parts that together form a whole. Remaining after exploration is reflection.” The jury for the Biennale for Craft & Design 2019 

In our collaboration “REVL & KRAT/WHEAT AND CHAFF” we shared, co-created and included all of natures critters & elements in a gesture challenging a perspective of humans as masters of nature.

In collaboration with ants, birds, bees, fire, salt, water and all other odd-kin we stayed with the trouble and included Nature as an equal maker in this project, making a free space for exploring and creating. Wheat and chaff is a collaborative project that examines, shares, accommodates, and experiments with the space that arises when control is released in favor of uncontrollable processes.

With a concept borrowed from Science theorist Donna Haraway’s book “Staying with the Trouble” we strive for sympoiesis in contrast to autopoiesis. Our project had several agendas, one of which is an attempt to reclaim and embrace the slow and stumbling process of making.”